Furniture Designer

  • His passion for design and, as a natural result, for design, has had a profound effect on the life of this young designer since his childhood. At just 22, as part of an academic assignment, he created what would become his most cherished piece, which deserved the honor of being displayed on a popular television program, namely in a wonderful opinion article published in the Jornal de Notícias newspaper, as authored by a distinguished university professor. In 1994, this item, a tea cart, was also put on display at the Valencia International Trade Show, in Spain. 
  • With his talent and enormous creative capability confirmed, Carlos Faria did not stop there, as his career took off, with over 100 pieces that he created, thereby earning him numerous design awards. He is currently one of the most promising designers, having shown proof of his creative genius, which is constantly brought to life in the shapes that he endows his pieces with, by challenging conventional thinking, doing away with trivial thought, and creating pieces whose surrealism and beauty instantly captivate the eye and permanently challenge the senses.
  • He does not use notebooks to design his creations. All he uses are loose sheets of paper, as if taken straight from the tree.

    Stroke after stroke, at breakneck speed, he draws his inspiration from human life and human nature. He designs with several things in mind: the touch, the comfort, the function of that piece in people’s lives. He designs while thinking of the smile, the faith he has in human beings worldwide, the oxygen and the love that bring them together. He designs either while listening to music or in absolute silence, either in an active environment or isolated in his design workshop, and even while driving, but always with his daughters’ playfulness at the top of his dreams.
  • Now age 41, Carlos Faria has a portfolio comprising 13 collections devoted to furniture design: he is not entranced by the awards he has won for his pieces. He says they are merely a distinction he insists on sharing with those working with him. There is a certain magic throughout the entire creative process, as the collections successively launched at the rate of one a year always lead Carlos Faria to travel thousands of kilometers to challenge nature, enabling him to turn to uneven, multicolored terrains or to historical buildings to come up with the perfect view for a bed, a table, a dresser or just a chair.
  • The catalogs he designs with the product that he creates are never mere catalogs of products. As people say, they are books. Indeed, furniture with stories inside. And out. Or, lest Carlos Faria were to not derive the purified shapes of his pieces from the sharp edges of nature, as this is also a way to show the world not only the brand and its collections, but also his country, Portugal. SO TRUE is a way of paying tribute to authenticity, extolling and lending substance to the truth about furniture that his eyes have always been able to see and his hand has always managed to design.